happily ever as is
happily ever as is

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Time doesn’t heal anything. Time is merely the off-brand bandaid you buy at the local supermarket that patches up the wound temporarily. Nostalgia will rip off the bandaid every time, leaving the healed spot open, sore, and a tad bit more vulnerable than before. But, new things, new people, new places, new experiences, does all the fixing. So wait. And when you grow tired of waiting, keep waiting. Don’t wait for the time to speed up enough to feel again, but wait for the right moment to inhale something new and exhale the past.
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Fall in love with someone who doesn’t make you think love is hard
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But you’d said you’d never leave
before I’d even said I love you,
almost as if you knew that
I would love you,
and you’d leave.
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Jason Aldean | Night Train (Acoustic)

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